Outreach for Students

We'll bring MONAH to your classroom, library, co-op, or community organization! All Northwest Arkansas groups can reserve these programs at no cost. Programs can be formatted to fit time requirements.


Over and Under


The ancient art of weaving is made kid-friendly! Try your hand at building fabric with paper, cardboard, and standing looms.

After exploring the basics of this simple over-and-under motion using paper, grab a mini cardboard loom and some yarn to create a tiny weaving of your own. Finish things off by adding to the community weaving on our standing loom!

Group Size: 25 or less

Supplies: Provided by museum

Style: Drop-in or presentation

Age Range: Designed for ages 4 and up

Storytime with the Museum

An interactive time of songs, games, hands-on making, creature stories, folktales, and traditional Native American legends, Storytime with the Museum can be molded to fit any theme you have in mind. Whether you have a classroom of preschoolers, high school students, or co-op with everything in between, we'll bring stories and activities that invite all ages to join in.

Group Size: 30 or less

Supplies: Depending on theme, provided by museum

Style: Presentation

Age Range: Designed for ages 3 and up

Power Animal Matching.jpg

Power Animal Matching Game

Get familiar with the trickster coyote, the joyful hummingbird, and more by playing this fast-paced game of matching as you learn about the meanings and symbolism ascribed to animals by many Native American tribes. Everyone who plays the game wins a modern-made arrowhead to take home!

Group Size: Ideal for festivals and community fairs

Supplies: Provided by museum

Style: Drop-in

Age Range: Designed for ages 4 and up