Who owns the museum?

The museum is privately owned by David Bogle, a registered member of the Cherokee Nation, who was born and raised in Bentonville, AR.

When did the Museum Start?

The museum began in 2006 as the Museum of Native American Artifacts. In 2008, the museum was relocated to its current location and renamed the Museum of Native American History.

Who Funds the Museum?

The museum is privately owned and funded by David Bogle. The museum is also supported by the museum gift shop and daily visitor donations. MONAH does not accept any grants or financial support for day-to-day operations.

Is everything in the Museum real?

Yes! Our curator verifies every artifact in the museum's collection for complete authenticity.

Is the Mammoth real?

Yes! Tusker, our 12,000 year old mammoth, is comprised of three authentic skeletons from mammoths who spent their last days in Siberia. You can tell it's real because an metal armature is necessary to hold the fragile bones in place.

What was the building before it was a Museum?

The building that now houses the museum was originally a residential home and then an event center called the Sterling House before being converted into a museum space.

How many artifacts does the museum have?

The museum houses over 10,000 artifacts!

I have something I want to know more about.
Can you help me?

Our curator is happy to help you learn more about any point or artifact you own or have found. CLICK HERE to send a message about your item.

How can I learn more about my Native American Heritage?

MONAH has compiled a list of go-to resources for anyone seeking information about their Native American heritage. Other great resources include local libraries, family members, and reaching out to the offices or heritage centers of the specific nations you are researching.

CLICK HERE for MONAH's list of genealogy resources.