Field Trips

Frequently asked questions

How many students can i bring to the museuM?

The museum space can accommodate a maximum of 60 students at one time. If your group is larger than 60, we suggest dividing your group into smaller groups with separate time slots (i.e. 35 students at 10 AM and 35 students at 11 AM) to ensure all students have the opportunity to truly explore the museum at their own pace.

Are tours available for my students?

Currently, we have 60 self-guided audio tour wands. Students can use these wands to explore the museum at their own pace and interest level. If desired, request a grade or age-specific artifact hunt when scheduling your field trip or browse our collection of field trip "add-on" program offerings HERE.

How long does it take to explore the museum?

We recommend scheduling 45 minutes to an hour for field trips. If it fits into your schedule, arrowhead hunting is also available in front of the museum for students of all ages; we recommend students spend 10-15 minutes on their hunt, so please keep that in mind when planning your visit. The museum can also provide the lead teacher with a bag of arrowheads at the end of the visit for each student to receive at the teacher's discretion.

To schedule a field trip, please call the museum at 479-273-2456.