Dia De los Muertos


To many people it might be hard to imagine that a holiday full of color, food, and positive wishes represents a celebration that refers to death. But THAT is what happens in many countries of Latin America every year; there is a celebration of the Day of the Dead Even though each country adds their own special touch, every celebration has the same meaning and purpose.

Latin Americans who celebrate this holiday take advantage of the occasion to get closer with their deceased loved ones, to remember them and to celebrate life.

In Mexico, the celebration for Day of the Dead is a tradition in which tribute is paid to our ancestors, family members, and friends that have abandoned terrestrial life. It is a celebration full of mysticism and symbolism that, in a majority of our towns, begins October 28th and comes to an end November 2nd.

In the festival of the Day of the Dead, the souls of those who have left are received in our homes and cemeteries with great joy. The celebration is part of an understanding that death is something natural and is the beginning of the path to spiritual rest. The rituals to celebrate the day are varied and colorful, yet all carry the same message:

Celebrating the Day of the Dead is a true celebration of life!



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