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Paleo Period 12000B.C - 8500B.C.
Archaic Period 8500B.C. - 1000B.C.
Woodland Period 1000B.C. - 900A.D.
Mississippian Period 900A.D. - 1650A.D.
Historic Period 1650A.D. - 1900A.D.
Pre-Columbian Period
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Museum of Native American History

202 SW 'O' Street  Bentonville, AR 72712  (479) 273-2456



"The Museum of Native American History: A Pictorial Journey" highlights the artistry of the original inhabitants of the Americas as showcased in the Museum of Native American History. The artifacts are shown with stunning clarity, and you feel like you could lift them off of the page.

From Ice-Age stone tools to incredibly detailed Mississippian effigy vessels and brilliant feathered headresses - you will find it all in this book!

Buy more than one, they make a great gift that anyone can appreciate!

Softcover - $24.96 Hardcover - $39.95

(Be sure to include +$5 for shipping & handling)


You can order your copy directly from the museum and have it personalized by the author (at no extra cost). You can send paypal directly to Be sure to let us know of any special requests. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to Email us.

You can also order the book from Amazon HERE

(Be sure to let us know of any details, such as author signature or personalization.)


For more information, Contact Us, Email, or Call (479) 273-2456





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Whether the first Americans originally entered the continent by land or by sea, evidence of their existence on the continent is found in the tools, weapons, and ornaments they left behind. Learn More

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